Weather Policy

Rationale :

The Centre has a duty of care to staff and children at all times. This duty of care includes protection against hot or inclement weather during times when children would normally be outside.

Sources :
Staying Healthy in Child Care , NHMRC, 2001:

Aims :

  • To ensure the wellbeing of children and staff during times of extreme heat or inclement weather.
  • Educators continue to provide children with a stimulating educational program and learning activities despise the weather.

Implementation for Hot Weather :

  • Outdoor play will be conducted early in the morning and late in the afternoon if the weather is hot. Shade protection will be used at these times.
  • Children will be appropriately dressed at all times with shoulders covered, appropriate hats and sunscreen on.
  • Sunscreen is available in all rooms. It is the responsibility of the Staff to ensure children have sunscreen applied. Parents are encouraged to advise the Staff if children are allergic to particular brands of sunscreen.
  • All staff are required to wear broad-brimmed hats consistent with the Centre’s Sunsmart policy.

Implementation for Inclement Weather :

  • Inclement weather is generally defined as strong winds, heavy rain, lightning, or any other condition that is considered by the Director to be unsuitable for outdoor play.
  • Staff will be aware of safety as well as interest levels in providing a range of activities both formal and informal during the time children are kept indoors.
  • If the weather is suitable for outside play Staff will ensure that children are suitably dressed to remain warm and dry.
  • If children are well enough to be at the Centre it is presumed they are well enough to play outside. In exceptional circumstances a child may need to remain inside while the other children are outside. Suitable supervision must be in place for this to happen.
  • Indoor temperatures are kept at 18C.

Review of Procedures and Policy :

The Weather procedures and policy will be reviewed every year in consultation with Staff and Parents as part of the Centre’s annual review process.