First Aid Policy

Rationale :

In a medical or dental emergency or an accident involving a staff, child or visitor, the Centre staff have a duty of care to take immediate action and provide appropriate services or care to prevent further injury or death. On enrolment permission is sought for a child to be provided with assistance, or call a doctor, dentist, ambulance, other person or service as is considered appropriate for the situation. When dealing with young children it is appropriate that as many Staff as possible have current First Aid training.

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Australian First Aid , St. John Ambulance Australia, 2002:

Aims :

  • To ensure that all staff have up to date training in first aid.
  • To ensure that immediate action and first aid are applied, appropriate services and care are provided in a medical, dental emergency or accident involving a staff member, child, volunteer or visitor to prevent further injury or death.
  • To plan for and respond effectively to accidents and medical emergencies.
  • To notify families when their child is acutely ill or has had an injury as soon as practicable.
  • To keep records of injury or illness occurring in children staff, volunteers or visitors, and notify department, doctors, insurance organisations, or others as required.
  • To maintain the security and confidentiality of personal or health related information relating to staff, children, children’s family, volunteers or visitors to the Centre.
  • To ensure that carers and all other Centre staff are informed of appropriate insurance and legal cover to have, their responsibilities and obligations, and their rights and entitlements as employees of St Dominic Savio Early Learning Centre.

Implementation :

  • If any emergency treatment has been sought, inform the parent or family as soon as possible, so they can take over responsibility or care of the child and decide on further action to take.
  • Assess the injury or illness, the severity and degree of urgency; administer first aid or cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) as appropriate, call for an ambulance dial 000.
  • All staff members are responsible to apply first aid and follow their room EMERGENCY ACTION PLAN.
  • Inform the Department of Education
  • An appropriate person accompanies the injured child in the ambulance to the hospital until the child’s family arrives.
  • Staff will take all precautions to reduce the incidence of accidents and injuries, recognise potential accidents that can occur which need to be responded to effectively, e.g. burns, convulsions, head and eye injuries, fractures, poisons, bites, stings, cuts.
  • A fully stocked First Aid Kit is accessible both indoors and outdoors in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations.
  • First Aid supplies are checked regularly and kept inaccessible to children.
  • Most staff are trained and regularly update their qualifications in applying First Aid (level 2), CPR; Anaphylaxis management and Asthma management. Records are kept of all training.
  • The Centre pays for all First Aid training.
  • Staff ensure confidentiality of any personal or health related information obtained by Centre in relation to children, children’s parents and families.
  • An Illness and Injury Register is kept which records:
    • name of the ill or injured person
    • date, time, location,
    • description of the accident, and description or identification if possible of the contributing causes,
    • description of the illness or injury and action taken, including record of any first aid or emergency treatment given,
    • if an ambulance was called or if a doctor, hospital, police, Work Cover, or the Department of Human Services were notified in accordance with Regulations
    • if the parent or anyone else was notified, including insurance company.
  • Accident and Injury records are kept for the prescribed time according to Government regulations.
  • The Centre has a current public liability insurance policy, in accordance with the Regulations and which adequately covers the centre and all centre staff, including short term and contract employees, for the provision of childcare and services.
  • The Centre has a current worker’s compensation insurance policy, in accordance with the Regulations and which adequately covers the centre and all centre staff, including short term and contract employees, for the provision of childcare and services.

Review of Procedures and Policy :

The First Aid procedures and policy will be reviewed every year in consultation with Staff and Parents as part of the Centre’s annual review process.